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Live in Oakland, but still have a hard time believing that sex trafficking is happening right in your area code? Read the nine stories in here on Oakland Local, and get ready to face the hard truth. Here’s the summary of the series: “Investigative reporters Barbara Grady and Sarah Terry-Cobo spent six weeks on “the track,” Oakland’s International Boulevard, talking with survivors, police, social services advocates and the district attorney’s office to get inside the booming problem of trafficked youth in Oakland.”
Read the full stories here.

Oakland Local is an independent, non-profit community news and information hub, connecting community and news, that launched on Oct. 19, 2009. Their site combines original investigative and feature reporting with community news and information from 35 Oakland non-profit organizations and community groups and many engaged citizens from around the city.


We were honored to be interviewed recently by Rena Ragimova of Oakland Local, a new independent, non-profit community news and information hub. Check out the short interview here.

We were honored to be interviewed by Rosy Chu, host of the Bay Area People segment on KTVU channel 2. We discussed human trafficking and modern-day slavery generally, as well as Taste for Freedom, our fund-raising event.  We’ve got the link to the video here, or you can find it on Comcast On Demand.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and in these cases, they’re right: a thousand serious words. Found these images over at MathMortician. To get the facts on trafficking and slavery behind these posters, browse the rest of the site, or investigate some of the links and literature listed in the other “learn more” posts.