New online donation option!

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Who we are

Great news!  We now have an online donation option, which you can find here.  Thanks to all of you who have already been so generous and helped us get to 85% through your tax-deductible donations!  Should we be so fortunate as to receive more donations than are needed, we will donate the remaining funds to Samaritana Transformational Ministries at the end of our year here.

* * * * *

Nate and Laura Davis are two Bay Area writers who kept hearing about human trafficking and modern-day slavery, until finally they felt compelled to do something about it. They moved to the Philippines (Manila) in July of 2010, and will be there for a year of volunteer work with several organizations there working with victims of sex trafficking and prostitution. Laura is also writing a novel about sex trafficking, with the hopes that she can bring home a real depiction of this problem and inspire readers to action. You can read more about them in the About Us post.

  1. nate and laura
    on this fine QC Day i was looking into fulbright more and who else is here doing stuff in the philippines and i found your blog. i thought i would let you know so i wouldnt be one of ‘those people’ (!)
    also there IS a Canadian one, BUT it only exchanges with the US for a cultural experience… thats funny right?
    GREAT jazzy/blues performance last night laura… you made yourself and nate the envy of many!
    happy QC day! use a door stop!

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