7 Days of Hunger

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Life in the Philippines
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We’ve all heard that half the world’s population lives on less than $2 per day; this year we’ve decided to join with the thousands of people around the world who are taking part in the Global Hunger Fast, a challenge to eat for seven days as half the world’s population eats every day, and then set aside money you would have spent on additional groceries and donate it.

This is close to home for us since the women at Samaritana are living on not much more than $2/day.  We’ll be donating our money to Samaritana, and wanted to invite you to follow us through the next seven days–and even join in the Global Hunger Fast yourself!

In Manila, $2/day is roughly 90 pesos per day.  We know that we can’t exactly duplicate the lives of the poor, but we’re doing our best to get as close as we can.  This means no internet or computer unless we charge ourselves what we’d pay at an internet cafe, no running (running shoes are a luxury), no contacts, glasses, makeup, or hair dryer, and no buying in bulk.  We’re starting from nothing, which means that food or condiments we’d purchased before today are off-limits.

We invite you to join us this week, read more about the Global Hunger Fast here, and check back daily as we post on our experiences in Manila, where we can walk down the street and see some of the poorest people in the world.


  1. […] We want to invite you to join us this next week, and to consider donating the money you’ll save to Samaritana. If living on $2.50 per day seems impossible, there are other meaningful, yet manageable ways you can join this fast. Give up your gourmet coffee for a week, or cut out eating out/take-out, or pick a daily dinner that a typical Filipino would eat. You can read more about the Global Hunger Fast (and get more ideas on how to participate) here. You can check out last year’s Global Hunger Fast here. […]

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