Take Back the Night!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Our work
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After Taste for Freedom, our fund-raiser that many of you attended or helped make happen, I said to myself, “Never again!” Event planning is just too stressful for me, since it requires both organization and detail-orientation, two things which I most definitely am not.

And yet here we are again. As you may have read a few months back, Laura had the idea to use her coaching experience to start a fitness program, Super Babae, for the women at Samaritana.  Super Babae is gaining momentum (Nike’s second donation is en route from the States!), and when we were talking to our friend Ryan (who worked in sports marketing and managed events), the idea came up of doing a fund-raising race for Samaritana. (All the Samaritana women will get to run the race and get the t-shirt for free, so we’re encouraging them to train the next few weeks as 3k is still longer than most of them have run.)

June 4 is closing in fast, so we’d appreciate your prayers! So far we have a venue, a few partners, and a water sponsor, so all we need is a few hundred locals to register and it’ll be a smashing success!

— Nate

  1. Robin Davis says:

    Go Super Babae! You can do it! I wish I could be there to cheer on our Samaritana friends! Way to go, Nike, donating shoes and running gear to Samaritana, and way to go, Nathaniel and Laura, taking on this organizational challenge in an organizationally challenged context. Thank you, Ryan, for the inspiration, and thank you World Vision for the partnership.

  2. Hilarykd@gmail.com says:

    Awes. Maybe in heaven we’ll procrastinate and be abstraction-oriented all the time… but I kind of doubt it.

  3. Jennifer Rolander says:

    You two never cease to amaze me! So proud of you doing this for the women of Samaritana! Our prayers are with you every day, but will send out lots of love on June 4th.

    xoxo, Jennifer and Raymond

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