Sponsor Samaritana Women for Take Back the Night!

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Our work
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Take Back the Night is just 15 days away.  As we do our best to prepare for the fun run/race that will, we hope, raise the funds needed for Samaritana to accept the women who are currently on the waiting list, we are grateful for prayers, encouragement, and support from all of you who are near and far.

We’ve recently been asked by a few people back in the States if it’s possible to sponsor a Samaritana woman (or multiple women) to run this race.  The answer is yes!  The whole point of this event is to raise money for Samaritana; whether that money comes from race registrations or donors overseas, the result is the same: more women can get off the streets and start a new life.

There are currently 21 women at Samaritana.  Many of them hope to run and finish their race on June 4.  Please pray for these women, for sponsors to support them, and for all of the planning we’re doing during the next fifteen days to make this a great event for everyone involved.

If you would like to sponsor the Samaritana women, you can follow these 3 easy steps below:

1. Send an email to info@samaritana.org to let them know that you would like to sponsor a woman (or multiple women) for Take Back the Night.  For example, you might say, “I’d like to give $25 for every Samaritana woman who runs and finishes the race.”

2. Write a check to Samaritana’s non-profit partner in the US, Mission East Asia National Support (MEANS), and designate Samaritana in the memo. Samaritana is certified by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC); your donation will be tax-deductible.

3.Mail your check to: P.O. Box 8434, Bartlett, IL 60103.

We’ll post pictures, race results, and other news after the race on June 4!

-Laura & Nate

  1. Shelly lao says:

    Hi. Would you say that you have the same objective as Somali Mam Foundation? What does umbrella org. mean? Can you still be an arm of Somali Mam Foundation in the Phils.? These are all purely questions only …

    • freeisaverb says:

      Hi Shelly, thanks for reading and commenting! And yes, I’d say Samaritana’s objectives are very similar to Somaly Mam; most of the work focuses on liberating victims and empowering and healing survivors of prostitution and trafficking, but Samaritana has also done work on the larger scale including advising government officials on the passage of the Philippines’ anti-trafficking law in 2003. And sorry about the confusing phrase; we changed “umbrella organization” to “non-profit partner in the US.” MEANS helps Samaritana by giving American donors a tax-deductible way to donate, since organizations based outside the US are not eligible for 501 (c) (3) status.

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