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I’ve worked in advertising for over six years, and when I’m employed, it’s the best job I’ve ever had: I get paid to learn new things, keep up with technology, surf the web, brainstorm ideas, and write. But if you asked me, “So Nate, can you look me in the eye and say that advertising makes the world a better place?” I’d probably have to say no; scads of ads contribute to the epidemic of female objectification. Sex sells, right? Ditto MTV; whether it was the old days of actual music videos, or the current crop of commendable cultural institutions like The Real World or Jersey Shore, MTV has been a major purveyor of women as sex objects.

All of the above makes the following video all the more remarkable and commendable: turns out there are some people in advertising and MTV with both big hearts–and great creative skills! A team at NY ad agency Y & R teamed up with the MTV Exit campaign to produce this fresh, evocative video, which in two minutes of haunting music and imaginative illustrations depicts the typical story of a woman being trafficked:

To see the rest of the campaign, including downloadable materials, general trafficking info, other organizations to get involved with, and more, head over to their site here. (Available in multiple languages to pass along to your overseas friends!)

— Nate

Whether you’re a Cheesehead, Steelers fan, or just watching for the ads, here’s something we can all get behind: stopping the buying and selling of women and children during our nation’s biggest sporting event. Take a few minutes in the third or fourth quarter (when the ads are all repeats, and the nachos are reduced to multi-colored crumbs) to read this, and keep our country’s women and children in your thoughts and prayers today.

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What can you do to help? Several things, right from the comfort of your own internet connection:

  1. Sign this petition to the Super Bowl host committee.
  2. Sign this petition on IJM’s web site to President Obama.
  3. Paste any of these links as your facebook status.