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Indian child working at a brick factory

Are you ready? There is no going back.

Since you’re online, the Free the Slaves and International Justice Mission web sites are a great place to start.

For a brief introduction, and for auditory learners, this talk by Kevin Bales (University of Surrey professor and leading slavery scholar) is a great place to start. If you’d prefer to watch a movie, we recommend Call+Response, a “rockumentary” involving several notable actresses and musicians.

For book-length treatments of the subject, pick up Disposable People (also by Kevin Bales), his pioneering study of slavery around the world today. Not for Sale, by David Batstone, is a similarly well-researched tour of representative examples of slavery in various countries worldwide; he is a University of California journalism professor. Escaping the Devil’s Bedroom and Terrify no More focus on prostitution, the latter discussing International Justice Mission’s sometimes-dramatic work rescuing enslaved women.

National Geographic also did a story (September 2003 issue) on 21st-century slaves, with their trademark compelling photos. Read an excerpt here.